I’m an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Vellore Institute of Technology and I have a keen interest in Computer Programming. I’m particularly interested in Python and how it can be used to develop both stand-alone and web applications.

I have experience working with Python, MS SQL SERVER, ASP.Net and PowerShell. I am currently working as an Application Developer at Accenture. During my tenure at Accenture, I have taken many initiatives towards process automation and process improvement. I have self-managed and completed 4 six-sigma projects by automating 4 whole business processes singlehandedly within my first year of joining and I have also done a lot of voluntary automation work for other teams in the project and also for third parties associated with the client to reduce client’s dependency on third parties. I have also recently finished developing an automated framework to be used in Robotic Process Automation.

I’m an active learner and I am constantly looking to expand my skillset by learning new technologies like MongoDB and by contributing to open-source projects. I’m currently working on few development projects of my own undertaking as well.

I am also an advocate for internet privacy and cybersecurity. I have earned a Gold badge flair at Accenture for the same.

During leisure I like to read and write so feel free to reach out for book recommendations. My genre of choice would be classical non-fiction. 

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